All players age 6-8, and 9 -12 can attend DK Summer Camps. 

No matter what league or level in which your child plays, they will improve, have fun,  and learn more about THEIR game and the skills needed to improve.

Founded in 2002, Diamond Kings started with the dream of helping every player who walked through the doors unlock their potential with  process based instruction encompassing physical, mental, and visual training components.

Over the past 15 years Diamond Kings has run over 300 weeks of baseball camp across the region.

Unlike other summer camps that babysit and play unsupervised games all day, DKs combines innovative drills with controlled scrimmages with  emphasis on player development and game skill improvement.  With our indoor facilities operating all year, all camp participants can practice and repeat the same curriculum presented during the summer camps.  

Every Diamond Kings Summer Camp program for players ages 6-8, 9/10, 11/12 focuses on:

  • Proper throwing technique
  • Fielding fundamentals and advanced skills
  • Hitting fundamentals and checklist
  • In flight hitting mechanics
  • 5 step pitching delivery
  • Proper Base Running, Bunting, Stealing, and Sliding
  • First step quickness, Flexibility and Injury Prevention
  • A better sense of Self Confidence

You can register 3 ways. Online by clicking a link, call 860-584-1386, or download the brochure and mail in registration.